Target groups

Companies and start-ups that want to implement and improve purpose-driven work and New Work.


Our purpose is to enable purpose-driven work and New Work! We strive to foster in house knowledge exchange to an extreme.


09.05. - Podcast "Miteinander Reden" by Michael Lorenz in Bielefeld, Germany
30.05. - Interview with Spiegel in Hamburg
04.04. - "New Work and Travel" - Interview about our ModernWorkTour by German BusinessPunk

ModernWork Tour

We traveled for almost 1 year and had 85 Sessions in 26 Countries on three Continents. We empowered purpose-driven work and got inspired at the same time as well. We are now ready to share our insights and inspirations with you!


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With our various ModernWork supplies we enable learning, motivate change and facilitate improvement


Your MOWOMIND experts facilitate and consult you professionally in New Work topics!

Anna Stania

Founder & Modernwork expert

ModernWork for me means enabling companies to learn and develop through innovative formats!

Nils Schnell


ModernWork for me means to embody innovative ways of working in order to learn, change and improve!

Jan David Gade

Systemic Coach & Trainer

ModernWork to me means being solution-oriented and focussing on individual and new perspectives!

Torsten Tesch

Leadership Coach & Trainer

For me ModernWork means applying and connecting an agile mindset with flexible work!

Anneke Schaardt

Junior Trainer & Teambuilding Coach

For me, ModernWork is the combination of enabling continuous improvement and personal development!

Niklas Trapp

Junior Trainer & Facilitator

ModernWork for me means putting the focus on people rather than processes and roles!

about the team

Create successful training with the TRAINITY model

We developed this model in order to conceptualize, execute and reflect training more professional.

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Extraction of our clients

Work material

New Work is all about sharing. That is why you can download work material for free and use it for your own purpose!

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